Octo Design Group sits on the board of EducationWorks, a non-profit responsible for the creation and execution of both daytime and after school programs for children in distressed neighborhoods.

Our team was asked to complete a full re-brand of the organization as well as redesign their website. The past website served as a resource, but lacked a marketing edge to generate new interest. Octo worked closely with the Executive Director of the organization and then needed to answer questions and address comments from an 18 seat board. Our team proved successful in launching a high energy, attention-getting functional website which can be 100% managed by the EducationWorks staff. Octo reorganized the content throughout the website, as well as edited and embellished copy where permitted; enticing people to learn more, get involved and donate. Octo needed to be sure website visitors received information on the mission of the EducationWorks and definition of the programs they offer quickly and effectively.

Upon completion of the rebrand and website, Octo was then hired to roll out new marketing materials, including event materials, annual reports and more - which have been extremely well received.