Now that you have the tools needed to bring it all together. We are committed to turning data about your company into successful marketing strategies.

We have a job to do…and so do you. Luckily our two jobs coincide when we partner with your organization to assist with your marketing efforts. As fulfilling as it is to use our creativity in the marketing of your brand, product or service, it’s even more rewarding when we see that our efforts have paid off and produced tangible results. To that end, we have developed a customized and comprehensive process that allows us not only to conceive, develop and execute your marketing initiative but also to assess its effectiveness and adjust accordingly. Our Sales Enablement and Marketing Process (SEMP) was designed to help customers increase their bottom line and recognize what works for their marketing purposes.



We have synthesized our decades of experience and boundless creativity into a comprehensive five-step process to help your organization boost sales and expand operations. The SEMP process of Defining, Developing, Executing, Training and Evaluating will utilize a combination of our customer’s internal staff and Octo’s staff to form a marketing team. This deeply collaborative process involves working with designated members of your team to achieve all your marketing goals.


The process begins with Octo gaining a thorough understanding your company’s marketing objectives, culture, growth outlook and future ambitions during a discovery session. Upon completion of this discovery, the brand message becomes clear and marketing goals are defined and approved. During Step 1, we assess the current sales cycle, current marketing materials, and processes; we uncover existing skill sets among the team and technologies, which need integration. An environmental analysis is performed. Both internal and external findings are reported. Recommendations and marketing strategies are presented for approval.


After we’ve thoroughly defined your organization’s marketing objectives and culture, we can begin brand development. Octo will take the approved marketing strategy and put it into a 12-month calendar so both teams are accountable for reaching deadlines. Octo will introduce our project management system to the customer. This system allows the entire team to assign tasks, share files, see multiple views of the strategy and stay on top of all the projects that are occurring at one time. We will also develop a customized CRM or integrate your existing process into our efforts.


This is where you get to see your efforts in action. We will deploy the integrated marketing strategy that was conceived during the development process and developed to support onboarding, customer engagement, client retention and new client acquisition. Whether we’ve chosen to launch a new website, create signage for tradeshows, need TV or radio commercials or anything else, our creative and media strategy team is committed to working with your staff to bring it all together for the highest-level of messaging and performance.


Octo will spend up to one day a week either on-site or virtually making sure your team is using our project management system, meeting deadlines, and delivering the marketing materials and tools effectively. This step ensures proper pre, current and post marketing is being applied within our tactics. Octo stays involved with your team to be sure they are educated and clearly understand the messaging for that specific day, week or month.


Part of any effective marketing strategy is adaptability. Once your campaign is fully implemented and running on all cylinders, we will continuously assess its progress and success and adjust our strategy accordingly. Octo uses a dashboard we customize for the customer which clearly delivers reporting on our progress. Octo is concerned with the impact our marketing is making on overall sales. We don’t just deliver data. We look at the “story” behind the data to see what materials and tactics are working better than others. We evaluate what is being delivered, how we expected it to deliver and what result it yielded. Octo meets with our clients once a month to perform this specific evaluation process. Our SEMP process is a tried-and-true template for business in practically every industry. Call us today to learn more about our comprehensive and results-driven marketing approach.


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