Our Goody Guru packages are everything students, instructors, and organizational leaders need to enhance their virtual learning experience.

Goody Guru is a powerhouse of tangible resources. Goody Guru works with instructors and organizational leaders to design the perfect package to get your students and members engaged in their virtual class or event. We are wizards who believe your virtual learning experience should exceed students expectations and build the classroom connection that is often lost in the virtual setting.

The Gurus know that in a virtual setting the human connection, spontaneous interaction, and shared experiences are equally important as when a classroom is full of students. 

Our packages enable your students to experience the same feelings of engagement and interactivity that happen when traditional lectures and learning lessons are well received.

Let’s put our heads together to make sure we enhance your learning environment and create an engaging and memorable experience! 

We have included everything from but not limited to: customizable branded apparel to wear on screen, tools for team building exercises, game/contest scoreboards, promotional materials, and educational collateral. You name it we can create it! 

Learning falling flat? 
Encourage your students to step away from the computer and go on a scavenger hunt for items or material that is relevant to your lesson. Students will be given clues within the box that can coincide with any relevant coursework or material. Sitting in front of the computer screen all day is no fun. Getting out of the chair in search of a penny that will be used to build parts of a robot provided in your Goody Guru box can reinvigorate student’s spirit as they put together a tangible item and share with their classmates their final product.
Stale classes and lectures? 
Boost your student morale and give them something to talk about in addition to the class. The Guru’s will create brackets and form teams for some friendly virtual video gaming amongst peers. Engagement happens when scoreboards and branded team T-shirts are delivered to encourage team spirit!
Campus groups and organizations need more power?
Host a collaborative online event in place of an in-person gathering specific to your organization. Show a short video with a tour or demonstration, all while your students simultaneously enjoy some snacks! Need something extra to encourage participants to complete the demonstration? Send your story packaged perfectly including the story’s final chapter ending with a surprise in their Goody Guru box!

The Guru’s Got It!

The situation has changed. The relationship is the same. 

We customize welcome, engagement, learning, and team building packages for all types of gatherings.

Get real offline excitement out of your next online event.

Contact us today to build your package! One of our specialists will work with you to ensure your items are on-brand and specific to your curriculum and course plans.


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