We  officially are in peak summer. And it is HOT.  For some of you, I know business typically slows down in the summer and things are more relaxed, providing you an opportunity to head to the Shore, or go on an extended getaway. At Octo, we thrive in summer! We like to use these months to really focus on our clients and build out our schedules for the Fall. That means that we are busy in the summer months and we are heading to a lot of meetings!

So where do we suggest going to beat the heat? My favorite place to meet clients is Rouge on Rittenhouse Square. We love to create a setting for meetings that is open and collaborative, much like the new layout of the space.  Octo services clients from all over the region, so a centrally located regular spot is needed.

The indoor/outdoor options and the scenery have always  been one of the reasons I love it. There isn’t a bad seat in the house! Even if I need to schedule a long lunch, or a quick drink, I always think to head to Rouge first.

Rob Wasserman made the decision to make updates to the space reopening it in 2019 with a fresh, clean aesthetic. The renovation changed the positioning of the bar that completely changed the layout.  It is still has all the draw and classic charm it used to. The team did an amazing job!