The Great Resignation has many businesses scrambling to find the right people to join their teams. Of the 21% of American workers who switched jobs in the last 12 months, 40% are actively looking for another job. Churn in the labor market is creating stress on the employees who stay, so rehiring quickly and effectively is important. 

Here are three tips as you prepare to hire your next team member. First, give yourself time. We believe in the wisdom of “Hire Slow, Fire Fast.” Slow down and see if the candidate is the right fit for your business. This advice has proven to be valuable over the years as it gives space for both the employer and employee to make sure the relationship is fruitful. 

Second, search for a person who fills the gaps left behind by you and your current employees. Do you have a stellar creative team but need a person to keep tasks organized? The last thing you need is another idea person! 

Third, be clear about expectations throughout the entire hiring process. Nothing leads to more disappointment from both parties than not giving specific deliverables and the ways to achieve them. A complete job description, efficient onboarding, and thorough training are ways to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

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