2022 was a year filled with successful strategies, creatively executed solutions, and a brand-new program for business owners to expand their sales and marketing process. Let’s explore the most exciting projects Team Octo tackled last year.


Pivot. Pivot. Pivot! 

We know you are tired of this word! But in today’s business climate, we continue to meet challenges and problem-solve until the client is satisfied. For example, Burger Brawl was set to return in 2022 after a COVID hiatus, but the Phillies had different plans. After our home team became a contender in the World Series, Xfinity Live! had a major scheduling conflict on its hands. 

Team Octo had to devise a quick and creative solution to save the event. Our answer was to turn Burger Brawl into Burger Crawl. Ticket holders now have a digital pass created by Let’s Rallie, which enables them to visit local restaurants and taste each chef’s burger entry.

Our solution fixed the venue issue while also allowing restaurants to increase their revenues during the slow month of January. After attendees cast their votes, the Burger Crawl winner was crowned at Xfinity Live! in February in front of an eager crowd.


Trade Show Reentry

After years of COVID delays, RPI made a splash at 2022’s National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. RPI’s booth displayed their iconic ONDO® food locker, innovative Gather induction table, and a robust collection of commercial food service equipment. The Octo team navigated RPI’s marketing before, during, and after the trade show, designing the booth, creating and shipping marketing materials, and collecting information from key clients.


Portals to Capture Analytics

We are passionate about our clients and their work to make the world a better place. Philadelphia Accelerator Fund, or PAF, is a nonprofit loan fund that connects small and minority developers with the money they need to build affordable housing in Philadelphia.

Octo built PAF’s portal, which serves as a way for businesses to find and apply for funds while also collecting important analytics for the nonprofit. If you need a portal or company toolkit for your business, reach out to us!


International Networking

Octo CEO Wendy Verna visited South Africa with TAM Ventures, an eco-tourism company that connects the world to African wellness through immersive trips. TAM Ventures provided the opportunity for entrepreneurs like Wendy to share unique experiences with other business owners, leading to valuable networking and cross-cultural relationships. Truly a memorable experience!


Growth Guru Bootcamp Launch

2022 also marked the year Wendy Verna and Maureen Borzacchiello launched Growth Guru Bootcamp! The pair developed the program for solopreneurs, business owners, and marketing teams with the funds to invest in education and implementing strategies.

In Growth Guru Bootcamp, attendees learn the importance of sales and marketing in their own businesses. Using real-world examples like navigating sales plateaus and finding the ideal client, Wendy and Maureen use their vast industry knowledge to give owners the tools for success.


Looking Forward to 2023

Whether the client was big or small, Octo delivered exactly what it needed to flourish. If you’d like to hear more about any of the solutions we highlighted in this newsletter, drop us an email! We can’t wait to make 2023 the year of possibilities for you and your business.