Birds singing. Scents of flowers and freshly cut grass. Trees swaying in the breeze. The sound of waves crashing on the beach. Just imagining the sights, smells, and sounds of summer is enough to relax the busiest mind. 

As we enjoy the slower pace of the season, the team at Octo finds ourselves re-energizing and discovering the inspiration of the natural world. For example, visualize a bird of paradise flower. Shades of green, orange, and purple combine to create a stunning display of color. Could these become the next logo or webpage we design? 

Nature is a wonderful place to find fresh ideas and gain perspective. The recent photos from the James Webb Space Telescope certainly gave us all a new viewpoint into the cosmos. Looking to nature also gives our minds a break from our phone, tablet, laptop, and TV screens. Embracing the natural world this summer could even give us new perspectives on old problems.

Science shows us that rest allows us to better harness our mental energy, creativity, and productivity. The team at Octo hopes your summer was filled with plenty of downtime to recharge and reconnect with nature!