Springtime marks the beginning of event season and COVID has changed how we approach virtual, hybrid, and COVID-safe galas and fundraisers with our clients. Luckily, our decades of experience have taught us to be nimble, problem-solve, and embrace creativity.  

Organizations supported by fundraising events are seeing greater need because of the pandemic, so we want our clients to see the best return on their investment. Here are some of our top suggestions to folks looking to host safe and successful hybrid events this year:

  1. Consider swapping the ticket price for a donation that includes a gift box.
    If your event is virtual, charging for a ticket can leave the attendees feeling like there is a lack of value, especially when they will not have the same networking opportunities as an in-person gathering. Changing your offer to a donation with an engagement gift box will make supporters feel like they are getting something for their monetary support.
  2. Prerecord professional videos.
    People have been watching TV and streaming services now more than ever. Make room in your budget for professional video and editing so your event doesn’t fall flat. If your budget is tight, considering offering video production as a sponsorship opportunity. Keep reading as we discuss this in-depth at #5!
  3. Live stream auctions.
    Auctions can still happen! A live stream to capture the excitement of a bidding war is especially viable for hybrid events.
  4. Add a food component.
    People are always swayed by their stomachs. Including delicious treats like a favorite local food, popcorn, or wine in your gift box, you are making your event more memorable.
  5. Rework your budget.
    Virtual and hybrid events both offer various opportunities for sponsorship. Offer sponsorship for line items like shipping, video production, Zoom hosting, and swag boxes. Be inventive to ensure your event has plenty of funding because we’ve seen many COVID-conscious events cost more than a regular, in-person event.

If you read this list and realized you need help with the organization and execution of your next event, contact us and a member of our team will reach out to you. Happy planning!