You finally did it. You hired Octo Design Group to handle your business’s social media, but now you’re looking at your own page and noticing it could use polishing. We see this constantly. Often, even the CEO doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile or it is terribly out of date. 

An updated and relevant profile is important for business owners because it expands the reach of your audience. Who follows you on Facebook will differ from who follows you on LinkedIn and both groups will be completely different from who follows your company’s business pages. 

Imagine leveraging these relationships to create brand awareness. The simple act of reposting updates from your company feed is a great first step. Another action we recommend is checking into your profiles at least once a week. Logging into LinkedIn and leaving comments or posting an interesting article shifts your presence from passive to active. The more you do this, the more likely you are to be seen in a social media feed. Apps reward engagement, so use this to your advantage!

If you are interested in updating your company’s branding or social feeds or have questions about your own, reach out to us today! We have decades of marketing experience that will make your branding shine.