Poor customer service: we have all been there. The food order you placed is incorrect or never arrives. A product arrives broken because they did not pack it with care. In business, mistakes and complications are unavoidable and often outside your control. Luckily, the type of customer service you can offer is within your control and can set you apart from the competition. Here are a few ways you can make customer service a priority in your business.

  • Pay your employees a living wage.
  • Give your staff proper training, including the level of customer service you expect.
  • Empower your workers to learn from their mistakes.

Excellent customer service starts from the top. Paying employees a living wage is one way to ensure they will stay invested in their job and take pride in their work. When employees can focus on one job instead of many to meet their financial needs, they will be able to work better.

Another way you can ensure not-notch customer service is by training staff well, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to problem solve. Tell your team how you expect them to treat customers and how you will support them if a problem escalates. Proper training can also help your staff feel empowered to offer solutions to customers rather than saying “no.”

Mistakes are a part of life, and it is crucial to give workers the tools to make it right for the customer. When an employee makes a mistake, offer them support to learn from the situation and make a note to cover the issue in training (if you don’t already).

If you don’t give staff proper support and training, it can trickle down to the level of service your customers receive. In this self-serve society, employees that are empowered to go the extra mile for your customers are invaluable and will set your business apart. The goal should be to impress your clients with your level of service rather than leave them wanting more!