At Octo Design, we frequently manage expectations. There is an art to marketing, and it takes knowledge, experience, and time to create a finished product everyone is proud of. Often, clients are not well-versed in the work marketing entails, so their expectations don’t align with reality. 

For example, for a marketing team to promote an event or new product, we need ample time to create copy and graphics. We will also need plenty of advanced notice to post about it on social media, send promotional emails and possibly contact PR firms. Time and repetition are two key pieces of the puzzle that are necessary to create a successful campaign. Sometimes, clients forget to give us enough notice, we simply can’t deliver on the request.

Part of managing expectations is explaining timelines to customers before they get to this type of situation. We don’t want to disappoint anyone and want to make sure a client’s time and money is getting the best return possible!

Another aspect of managing expectations is at the beginning of the relationship with the client. Many customers need an education on the basics of marketing. We have decades of experience that have prepared us for these conversations and are happy to explore what the customer needs, even if we aren’t the right fit. If you’d like to discuss your marketing needs, call us today!