Changes in the job market have left many employers searching for new staff. Normal methods like Indeed, LinkedIn, and headhunters are flooded with opportunities, so businesses have to work harder to stand out. Right now, one of our top recommendations is to leverage current staff to bring in new teammates. The benefit of this practice over traditional recruitment methods is applicants in the current market are in a different space both physically and mentally. The past two have been a time of transition as people move, priorities change, and the increased desire for remote work. More and more, we are seeing the methods that worked pre-pandemic fail and new, creative methods flourish.

One of our clients, a local charter school, found themselves in this position, so we built a Recruitment Toolkit for them. The deliverables included organic social media content, updated website copy, targeted email campaigns, and more. Their customized toolkit gave them what they needed to leverage their current staff and community to reach fresh audiences. Recruiting on this level is akin to networking. It uses personal connections to spread the word. If you are looking to hire and don’t know where to start, reach out to us today!