Octo was tasked by the PA Allegheny County Health Department (ACHD) to create an effective COVID-19 awareness and prevention campaign targeting underserved communities. Octo needed to design and implement a multi-step process to increase engagement by Community Advisory Board (CAB) individuals and community leaders who influence the underserved.


A significant challenge was the circulation of misinformation mixed with accurate information readily available online to the underserved. It was a challenge to effectively engage and educate the CAB members on digital training to help effectively spread accurate COVID-19 information through social outreach.


Octo created a multi-step process that educated community influencers on effective COVID-19 prevention outreach and engagement. The process started by going directly into the communities to introduce our cause face-to-face. This created a personal connection between us to the communities, which sparked interest in our efforts. Based on the feedback provided through face-to-face engagement, Octo developed a portal and digital toolkit that included:

  • An impact survey
  • COVID-19 fact-based social media messaging
  • Training activities with videos and pertinent questions
  • Downloadable ready-to-use print and digital assets
  • Materials in various languages that could be ordered

Octo and ACHD trained CAB members on accessing and using the toolkit. We also set up live virtual Zoom trainings on how to navigate and share the resources provided through the toolkit. Octo collected and reported weekly on the analytics.


Octo and ACHD successfully increased effective COVID-19 prevention and outreach through this multi-step process. Weekly analytic data reporting tracked user interaction with the toolkit and training attendance. Social media interaction was tracked through links and hashtags provided through the toolkit and trainings. Octo was honored and proud to have worked with ACHD to impact COVID-19 awareness and prevention in underserved communities positively.


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