Octo was hired to create awareness, build a brand strategy, and ultimately gain new patients for Siepser Eyecare, a well-established Ophthalmology practice. With forty years in business, Siepser is dedicated to providing comprehensive and technologically advanced exams and treatment options to include LASIK and cataract surgery. The practice also developed their “Dry Eye Center of Excellence,” which is the only center in the region dedicated to the treatment of dry eye symptoms.


A significant challenge for Siepser Eyecare was that a competing practice invested heavily in digital advertising which therefore dominated local Google searches for LASIK surgery. Historically, the LASIK surgery competition was price driven. Over time, LASIK consumer pricing dropped to lowest common denominator, requiring providers to find other ways to compete for new patients.


Octo’s task was to create a multi-channel strategy, outside of Google searches, that would create brand awareness for Siepser Eyecare. With LASIK pricing now set by what the market dictated; new messaging needed to focus on the expertise of Seipser’s ophthalmologists. Octo also needed to raise awareness of new treatment options (offered beyond LASIK) to attract patients with other conditions to the practice.

To build the brand, and create new awareness and interest in Siepser Eyecare, Octo:

  • Updated the Siepser Eyecare website with refreshed branding
  • Created landing pages to ensure that subsequent campaign efforts were driving digital traffic to informative web pages to further engage potential new patients
  • Added a blog to the site to enhance keyword searches
  • Created targeted campaigns for social media (organic and paid), email and print that were not dependent on Google searches
  • Differentiated Siepser from the competition through their opening of a Dry Eye Center of Excellence, the first of its kind in the region


Siepser Eyecare increased brand awareness, attracted new patients, and obtained an ROI on this comprehensive marketing program by targeting specific audiences and engaging them through cost efficient tactics. These tactics were not dependent on Google searches. Results were obtained through Octo’s Analytic Reporting system that 1) tracked traffic across all marketing mediums, and 2) tracked new patient consults. Results demonstrated an upward trend and documented Siepser’s ROI. Octo looks forward to our continued relationship with further community education on best eyecare health practices. 

  • Received a total of 17.5 impressions across social platforms
  • 89.5% of website traffic consisted of new visitors
  • Received 262 call leads
  • 341 form fills to book a consultation


836 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147