Headquartered in Medford, NJ, RPI Industries, Inc. (RPI) is a solutions-based supplier of customized refrigerated and non-refrigerated display cases for the hospitality and food service markets. As experts in thermal engineering and design, RPI has been revolutionizing the way customers store, display, and deliver foods for years.


RPI needed guidance in bringing their innovative products to the marketplace more effectively. Octo was hired to build internal and external marketing strategies and communications efforts. Octo’s goal was to make RPI the first choice for any food service project. Internally, it was necessary to develop unified branding for their remote sales team so they could effectively leverage their business connections and deliver a consistent message.


RPI spent years being reactive rather than proactive. They have a firm knowledge of their client’s needs and are masters at delivering revolutionary solutions. But like many of the clients Octo serves, they don’t have a dedicated team to handle marketing communications efforts. To gain more clients and build market recognition, they needed a marketing strategy with consistent messaging to advertise these innovative projects and products.


After a complete assessment of RPIs marketing presence, Octo recognized that updates were necessary to get their brand back on track, assist their sales team, and begin advertising.

With these goals in mind, Octo:

  • Gave RPI’s website an updated, visual facelift
  • Streamlined the website user experience for both sales reps and customers
  • Built a digital toolkit for the sales team with a consistent “brand voice”
  • Developed case studies for web and for use by sales members
  • Developed multipurpose collateral materials for sales meetings and trade shows
  • Created organic social media posts
  • Leveraged RPI’s robust email list

Octo’s work didn’t stop there. Octo developed sales training materials for lead development. Representatives received a tailored presentation about how to use their LinkedIn profiles as a funnel for leads. Over a six-month period, RPI’s LinkedIn following jumped 112%.

During the 2020-2022 Covid pandemic, RPI’s newest product, a food locker branded as ONDO®, garnered much attention. The temperature-controlled locker offered a contactless way to deliver food to customers while cutting labor costs. Octo saw this as a timely market opportunity. Octo utilized email campaigns, social media, and pieces of collateral to increase market awareness of this product.

When Octo conducted an email campaign highlighting the ONDO installation at SoFi Stadium, it received sky-high open rates.


By handing the marketing over to Octo, RPI could focus its attention elsewhere in the business. They are no longer reacting to marketing needs but have materials like case studies, presentations, and advertisements at their disposal. Octo is so pleased that RPI’s products gain more recognition and sales as our partnership continues to grow.

Social media metrics:

Instagram: 114 to 190, 66% increase | Facebook: 80 to 83, 3.75% increase | LinkedIn: 33 to 70, 112% increase


836 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147