Let’s Rallie is a lifestyle mobile application designed for consumers to find spontaneous, fun things to do within 10 miles of their location. A user-friendly marketing communications tool, Let’s Rallie connects small businesses with users in real time. Hyper-local instant itineraries are generated by the app based on user preferences and their geo location. Octo was excited to partner with Rallie, Inc., the app developer, to launch and grow its base while helping to grow local commerce.


Rallie Inc. worked with Octo create a marketing strategy that would encourage people to shop, dine, explore, and stay in the neighborhood. We needed to build awareness of the app, its benefits and to promote market adoption by businesses and users alike. Engaging marketing materials needed to be developed to create awareness and develop interest of the Let’s Rallie app among potential users. We also needed to educate local businesses on how to use the app to increase foot traffic, especially during slow periods.


Encouraging retailers to subscribe to the brand-new app presented a “chicken or the egg” challenge. Let’s Rallie consumers needed a pool of businesses to populate user itineraries. And retailers wanted to see a population of users before subscribing. Octo developed a strategy to build awareness and promote Let’s Rallie through boot- on-the-ground outreach and through partnerships with economic development organizations (EDOs) in small business communities.


Octo created educational and engaging marketing collateral targeting both the business and consumer sides of the app experience. UNTHINK THE DAY was the tagline created to convey the app’s ability to magically do the planning for an hour or a day’s outing. This message also speaks to app’s ease of use as an advertising and communications tool for businesses.

Octo worked side-by-side with the Rallie street team to create effective sales strategies and tactics. Sales collateral included QR codes for easy app access. Swag items and marketing leave-behinds were hand delivered to local businesses, including:

  • Postcards
  • POP Signage
  • Table tents
  • Stickers for business use or sharing

Octo also researched local events for the Rallie street team to attend and distribute marketing materials to potential customers.

To create a buzz around the app, Octo also worked with Rallie on:

  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Events that promoted community engagement
  • Social campaigns with giveaways


Octo’s multi-layered marketing efforts resulted in 5 partnerships with local EDOs. Let’s Rallie gained 421 business subscribers and 1,379 user sign-ups over a 7-month period.

With an ultimate shared goal of supporting small business and growing local commerce, it is Octo’s distinct pleasure to continue Let’s Rallie’s efforts to help both businesses and consumers to UNTHINK THE DAY.


836 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147