You know Philly loves a great burger. So, it is no surprise that Philly Burger Brawl has grown into a preeminent annual event of beefy indulgence. Not to be confused with other culinary events that celebrate gluttony of Philly favorites, Burger Brawl has a social conscience. All the proceeds from Burger Brawl are used to finance technology and literacy programs within underserved schools in the Philadelphia School District.

Restauranteur and philanthropists, Maggie and Rob Wasserman, created Philly Burger Brawl in 2011 to fund technology needs at The William M Meredith Elementary School which their children attended.


In what might have been the tastiest assignment we’ve ever had, Octo partnered with the annual Philadelphia Burger Brawl Festival in order to increase interest, engagement and participation in the event for both general spectators and restaurant vendors. The Burger Brawl started as a philanthropic endeavor to help schools in Philadelphia. Octo considered it our responsibility to keep that sense of community involvement while creating relevant engaging and attractive marketing materials The Burger Brawl continues to raise funds for state-of-the-art technology in Philadelphia schools and we are proud to partner with them to crate maximum involvement from the area’s top restaurants and culinary experts.


One of the primary challenges Octo had was connected the dots between the culinary and philanthropy aspect of the Burger Brawl event. We also wanted to highlight the idea that this was a must-attend event for burger restaurants in the area and foster a healthy sense of playful competition in the interest in raising as much money as possible. Octo wanted to ensure maximum engagement to help organizers of the event maximize ticket sales and allocate literacy and technological resources to schools that need them most. We immediately went to work crafting a variety of marketing initiatives that suited their needs and created interest around the event.


Octo created a variety of signage and promotional material for the Burger Brawl Event that immediately captured the friendly competition, quality food and local vibe surrounding the event. We did this by incorporating a grittier font, boxing graphics and undeniably delicious-looking pictures of the food that attendees could expect at the event. We also coordinated an email marketing campaign, outdoor advertising with billboards, radio spots for regional stations and a variety of other multimedia advertising services to cover all marketing bases.

Project Results

Our marketing efforts have helped Burger Brawl grow more and more each year and we are exceedingly proud of our involvement in this event. Not only have we helped restaurants all over area connect for a good cause; we also helped Philadelphia school districts get the tools and infrastructure they need to maximize learning, improve graduation rates and improve the everyday student experience.


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