Octo has been working with Devault Foods since early 2016. Together with their team, we have worked to create a refreshed brand presence, including all new sales materials, event and promotional materials, vehicle wraps, email marketing campaigns, landing pages, apparel and more. We look forward to our continuing work together as we transform the brand.


Octo Design was tasked with expanding the visibility and customer outreach of Pennsylvania food producer Devault Foods. We also partnered with the company to craft various employee communication pieces to connect with their staff throughout every department. Throughout this process, we wanted to convey the superior quality of the Devault product line and their status as a fixture in the Pennsylvania business community, particularly the idea that they’re a family-owned enterprise that’s experienced continued growth since their inception. Finally, we wanted to strengthen Devault’s position in the retail market and make their products more visible to potential new vendors.


One of the primary challenges we faced in expanding Devault’s reach to new vendors was their regionality and roots as a family-owned companies. In the fiercely competitive battle for shelf-space in supermarkets, delis and specialty foods stores, it was our job to make Devault stand out from other meat purveyors. We had to do this while simultaneously expanding their outreach to everyday customers and increase sales at their center in Devault, Pennsylvania. Our team immediately went to work identifying specific marketing vehicles to distinguish Devault from the competition; we accomplished this task through deploying a multilateral marketing approach that spanned both print and digital media.


Using their commitment to quality as a common thread in each one of our pieces, Octo created a series of marketing initiatives that allowed us to reach out to vendors and potential new customers through multiple forms of media; this included revamping their website, helping them tell their story, designing and placing print ads for their meat and poultry products, drink vouchers and event invites. We also created a new code of conduct to help employees better understand their roles and responsibilities as representatives of the Devault brand. Throughout each stage of the process, we stressed Devault’s role as a leader in agricultural safety, their commitment to quality cuts of meat in their products and their collaborative style with vendors. We also provided art direction and photography services for their product line.

Project Results

Thanks in large part to our marketing efforts, Devault has positioned themselves better than ever as a regional and national leader in food production. Their superior products coupled with our intuitive and engaging marketing techniques have allowed them to reach new customers and partner with new vendors throughout the region and the rest of the country. Octo was exceedingly proud to help Devault with their marketing efforts and we look forward to working with them in the future.


836 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147