Octo Design Group sits on the board of EducationWorks, a non-profit responsible for the creation and execution of both daytime and after school programs for children in distressed neighborhoods.

Upon completion of the rebrand and website, Octo was then hired to roll out new marketing materials, including event materials, annual reports and more – which have been extremely well received.

Objective EducationWorks is a company committed to providing customized and targeted education resources to children and young people. The company engages children and young people by providing high quality educational programs that make the school day whole and reengage disconnected young adults to education and career readiness. Octo was tasked with articulating the scope of their services and help EducationWorks reach out to more schools and individual students in their area. Our team handles all of EducationWorks’ marketing materials and, most recently, engaged in a full-scale rebrand and website redesign for the organization.

Challenges The primary challenges of the website rebrand was articulating the unique and powerful identity of the EducationWorks brand and explaining the full scope of their services. Octo had to essentially start from scratch in conceiving, developing and implementing a brand that immediately articulated the power and efficacy of the EducationWorks organization. We also wanted to make sure that their target market fully understood their mission and what distinguished them from other education organizations. It was an inspiring and invigorating challenge to come up with visual marketing concepts that immediately resonated with people and increased EducationWorks’ visibility across the country

Methodology Octo had the distinct and unique pleasure of rebranding EducationWorks from the ground up. This started with creating a visual style guide that guided EducationWorks’ internal staff in their promotional efforts. Our visual style guide included the appropriate color palette, fonts, typography, tagline, logo print and web visual assets, tone and messaging recommendations and much more to fully assist EducationWorks with their marketing efforts. We also revamped their website to ensure that it coincided with the new brand guidelines and had an updated tone and aesthetic. Octo also incorporated social media best practices into our overall brand guide.

Results Octo’s rebrand helped EducationWorks reach their market more effectively. Since enlisting our help with their marketing objectives, EducationWorks has expanded their reach to provide customized education resources to thousands more students.


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