Octo worked alongside Skinny Co. on the brand development, packaging designs, marketing plan and marketing materials for new product Skinny Shake™. We also worked with the team to create a fully responsive Magento e-commerce website, including a community and subscription program.


Octo was tasked with helping nutritional foods purveyor Skinny Co. reach a wider target audience and spread awareness of their new product, specifically their line of healthy shakes. The company wanted to use a subscription model to target interested customers and increase repeat business. Our objective was to create a wide array of marketing material to cover all appropriate marketing avenues, including digital, print and social media. The task ahead of was to essentially build Skinny’s brand from the ground up and make it come to life through a series of inspired, engaging and intuitive marketing assets that could drive business.


One of the challenges with any health product is to convince consumers not only of its results and capabilities but also of its flavor quality. Another challenge we faced was articulating Skinny Co.’s subscription-based business model and its benefits to customers. We worked with Skinny’s internal team to create a cohesive marketing message and bring it life through a targeted and cost-effective integrated campaign. The first phase of the process was identifying what message they wanted to convey and helping them choose the right marketing vehicles to help them most effectively convey it.


Octo helped Skinny Co. articulate a message of “wellness amplified” by developing a new and engaging website, print ads, packaging design and in-depth market research. We developed these assets to work seamlessly with one another to achieve a synergistic and mutually beneficial marketing approach in which all assets complimented one another. Octo developed typography and a color palette as well as copy to place on print ads, product packaging, outdoor signage and more to imprint the Skinny message in the minds of potential customers. We also guided them toward sensible and results-oriented placement of their advertising resources.


Octo’s creative marketing, research and media placement assistance helped Skinny Co. to grow their subscription base and increase sales. We were happy to be part of helping Skinny grow their brand and bring healthy living to more and more customers.


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