Let’s pretend you usually call your friend to catch up at the end of the week. Now, imagine you stop calling and only text. How would your relationship change? How would it stay the same? 

We love using this exercise with our clients because it challenges them to question how and where they are connecting with their customers. Often, before a client works with us, they will tell us they spent hours creating content for a social media campaign and it falls flat. Other clients don’t have any presence on social platforms that are well-suited to make their brand grow. At Octo Design, we’ve seen it all.

Our job is to find your audience AND speak to them in a way that resonates. Sometimes the change is as small as focusing on the social media platform that serves their goals best. For example, a company that sells business-to-business should leverage their LinkedIn page more than their Instagram. In other cases, it could even be beneficial to use a trade publication to grab a customer’s attention. The bottom line is that content published on the wrong platform won’t do anything to grow a company’s reach and build brand recognition. 

How do you know which path is right for you and your business? At Octo Design Group, we have over 20 years of experience helping our clients pinpoint exactly where their customer is spending their time. We complete the research, organize focus groups, and build a custom plan for you based on our findings, which sets you up for success. We can even handle content creation and publishing. Reach out to us and level up your business today!