Time Management

As the fourth quarter of 2021 comes to a close, it is important to look back over the last year and evaluate. What have you learned over the past year? What would you do the same? How would you do things differently?  If better time management is at the top of your...

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Corporate Holiday Giving

It’s hard to believe, but 2021 is flying by and the holiday season is almost upon us. If you typically wait until the last minute to order and ship your corporate holiday gifts, this blog is for you! Last year, we saw huge delays that affected both production and...

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Small Gestures That Have a Big Impact: Thank You Boxes

When was the last time you received a thank you note or gift? Didn’t it make you feel appreciated and special? Imagine giving that feeling to your favorite customers, employees, or networking contacts, but without having to shop, wrap, write a note and visit the post...

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Customer Service

Poor customer service: we have all been there. The food order you placed is incorrect or never arrives. A product arrives broken because they did not pack it with care. In business, mistakes and complications are unavoidable and often outside your control. Luckily,...

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Managing Customer Expectations

At Octo Design, we frequently manage expectations. There is an art to marketing, and it takes knowledge, experience, and time to create a finished product everyone is proud of. Often, clients are not well-versed in the work marketing entails, so their expectations...

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How Strong is Your Call to Action?

The common thread for any strong email, social media caption, e-blast, advertisement, or newsletter is a call to action or CTA. The CTA directs your audience on what to do next. Whether you want them to buy something, read an article, leave a comment or make a...

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Leveraging Your Personal Social Media for Business

You finally did it. You hired Octo Design Group to handle your business’s social media, but now you’re looking at your own page and noticing it could use polishing. We see this constantly. Often, even the CEO doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile or it is terribly out of...

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Meeting Your Customers Where They Are

Let’s pretend you usually call your friend to catch up at the end of the week. Now, imagine you stop calling and only text. How would your relationship change? How would it stay the same?  We love using this exercise with our clients because it challenges them to...

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5 Tricks for a Successful Hybrid Fundraising Event

Springtime marks the beginning of event season and COVID has changed how we approach virtual, hybrid, and COVID-safe galas and fundraisers with our clients. Luckily, our decades of experience have taught us to be nimble, problem-solve, and embrace creativity.  ...

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