Have you ever attended an event where you didn’t know anyone? Wouldn’t it have been easier if you’d connected with attendees beforehand? At Goody Guru, we’ve noticed an interesting shift towards VIP pre-parties as live events return. Many people are out of the swing of things and it shows! Making events more enticing creates a winning combo for attendance and drumming up excitement. 

Our Goody Boxes also offer a unique opportunity for connection with promotional and gift items that can be brought to the live event. And since nothing gets people talking quite like receiving a package in the mail, you can also leverage Goody Boxes for social media engagement. We recommend adding a card with pertinent social media handles or hashtags to encourage posting.

The return of live events means tossing your old playbook aside and trying something new. Supercharge your next event with Goody Guru. Contact us today to order your custom Goody Boxes to “warm up the crowd” before your next event.