The common thread for any strong email, social media caption, e-blast, advertisement, or newsletter is a call to action or CTA. The CTA directs your audience on what to do next. Whether you want them to buy something, read an article, leave a comment or make a donation, the CTA must be clear and direct. 

As we have mentioned in past Octo blog posts like “Meeting Your Customers Where They Are,” language and platforms also play a huge role in a good CTA. The phrase, “Link in bio” is common among millennials and they understand it means they will click the website or Linktree address in an Instagram bio. For someone who doesn’t use Instagram, the meaning of this phrase disappears. Also, if someone were to use “Link in bio” in a LinkedIn post, it wouldn’t make sense since it is a different platform. Here are some examples of a call to action:

  • Click here to purchase
  • Donate today
  • Visit our website to learn more
  • Buy your item today


Do you notice something about these CTAs? They all include a verb! A strong CTA is crucial to every marketing piece and not including one can hamper your efforts. To make your CTA even more direct, make it into a button or hyperlink to take customers exactly where you want them to go. 

Let’s be honest, in this day and age, decision fatigue is real. From where to eat dinner to what to watch on Netflix, the possibilities are endless. Give your customers a strong directive and be sure to include a call to action today!