Our Not So Secret Favorite Summer Hangout

We  officially are in peak summer. And it is HOT.  For some of you, I know business typically slows down in the summer and things are more relaxed, providing you an opportunity to head to the Shore, or go on an extended getaway. At Octo, we thrive in summer! We like...

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Get to Know Us: Gina’s Playlist

Creativity is a big part of my work day, and listening to music while I’m working definitely helps inspire my creativity throughout the day. I like to change it up a little based on the different work that I’m doing, but I mainly like listening to songs that are happy...

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Get to Know Us: Samantha’s Playlist

My typical workday keeps me on my toes, so keeping energy levels high is a must. Nothing gives me that boost quite like some good tunes. I like to keep my playlists upbeat, with a healthy dose of silly. While I don’t know that I have a specific favorite...

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Get to Know Us: Sharon’s Playlist

One of my first loves, music, really helps me to focus on large projects, and enables me to get my creative juices flowing. While working creatively, I like to play (BLAST) songs that make me happy- but most importantly, songs that block out the world...

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Dive in to Fitty in Fifty

In 2018, Our fearless leader, founder and president- Wendy Verna, took some time to reflect on her upcoming birthday (50!) and decided to make that milestone count- for others. She decided that rather than have the attention centered on her and treating...

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Building a Brand from the Ground Up

It may be coincidence that “brand” and “brain” sound similar; however, just as the brain is the most important part of the human anatomy, so is a company’s brand to its marketing objectives and public identity. Whether you’re looking to establish a...

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Be the Bell of the Ball with the Right PR Strategy

Most of us have been the victims of ineffective PR. When we were kids, how many of us had the coolest idea for a birthday party, one that we were sure all our friends would love, only to have no one come because of an invitation snafu? This sting never...

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Exactly How Much Marketing Does My Business Need?

This is a question that all businesses, great and small, must ask themselves at various points in their existence. In an effort to maximize engagement and reach as many customers as possible, it’s critical to have at least some kind of marketing apparatus;...

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